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218 day hotels in New York

-31%818 kr per night
from570 kr
-47%1 314 kr per night
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-73%2 140 kr per night
from578 kr

Book a hotel room by the hour in New York! Hotels by the hour are perfect if you want to relax, work for a few hours and have some peace, or even for a little extracurricular activity!

Hourly hotels in New York : book a hourly hotel room easily!

Are you in New York City? Or planning a short trip there? And you need a place to stay for a few hours? offers dozens of hotels all over the city. Most of them are four or five-star hotels, but our selection also offers budget hotels, romantic hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels, chic hotels... It's possible to book a room by the hour and enjoy all the facilities in the hotel (swimming pool, spa, meeting room, restaurant, gym...). Moreover, we're flexible! You can cancel your booking at the last minute free of charge!

Hourly hotels in New York : a getaway in the five boroughs

We all know it, New York is the city that never sleeps! All the hustle and bustle in the Big Apple is constant, whether you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Queens, Bronx or Staten Island. We all love this city but sometimes you just wanna have some rest and slow down your pace. Fortunately, having a pure moment of relaxation, doing nothing in your hotel room, is possible! Even if you're just a few minutes away from Times Square or Ground Zero, having a moment of peace is possible thanks to our selection of high-quality hotels.

Rooms by the hour in New York : simple and efficient

Remember the time when you had to book a hotel room for a whole night, even though you just needed it for a few hours? That time is over now, thanks to! It's very easy to book a room in one of our hourly hotel. If you want to stay discreet, don't worry, we don't need your credit card number to book the room. Choose your payment method when you check in. All we need from you is your phone number and your email address! Get your room by the hour now!